I would like to commend you for the nice job you did. I am going to fertilize the grass just as soon as we get some rain. In a very short time it will all come back.

— Mr. Marvin K.

Thank you. Great Job. Please do not forget about us this next winter/spring to help with our lawn problems. Thanks again!

— Mr. & Mrs. Roy S.

The yard looks GORGEOUS. Okay, the yard looks much better; it'll look gorgeous when the plants finish growing into their spaces [in the spring]. But still, I am thrilled with how nice it looks! Thank you, thank you!

— Ms. Laura D.

Thank you for fixing my sprinkler so promptly, and also for years of fine service. I feel you should have more compensation for your service today and, if I hadn’t had a lady waiting on the phone, I would have written a check-not enough cash in my purse. I am enclosing a check for $50.00 in appreciation of your help.

— Ms. Flo K.

Thank you for your prompt work on my sprinkler system. It is only 13 years old so it's disappointing to learn that the rubber parts on the inside of the valve are wearing out. I will call you when they fail again to get them replaced.

— Mr. Joe T.

Thank you. Great Job. — Mr. & Mrs. Roy S.

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